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Career Coaching + Services

You don't have to go it alone. We'll tackle this together. 

Career Coaching

Demystify the job search and take control of your career path

Interview Prep

Interview confidently with an interview strategy + mock interview session


Support your transitioning employees with 1:1 expert career support

Mission + Values


I am driven by the belief that people thrive when they live according to their values. I work with my clients to identify their values first, and develop a career strategy accordingly. The intersection of what you enjoy doing and your strengths is where the magic happens! My mission is to ensure you are equipped to thrive in your career and do work that fulfills you, because life is too short not to. I care deeply about my work and about my clients' success.


I use a consultative approach - we are co-creators in your career journey. I will provide expertise, guidance, motivation, structure and accountability, and you will put in the work ​toward those goals. I empower you to take control of your career with tools and resources that will provide long-term value. I honor your unique gifts and strengths, and we will leverage them to design a career path that excites you and will set you on the road to success. When working with my clients, I value authenticity, openness, balance, honesty and accountability.  

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Curious how this whole thing works? Send me your questions!

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