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Interview Preparation


Have an interview coming up and not sure how to best prepare? The interview package is designed to get you ready to walk into your interview confidently by focusing on two areas -

  1. Strategic preparation + research 

  2. Interview practice

During our first session, we will review review our strategy to best prepare you for your upcoming interview - making sure you have done your research on the company, know who you will be meeting with, understand the company's pain points and the unique value you can bring to address the company's needs, as well as reading important non-verbal cues. We will collaborate to craft compelling stories that help the prospective employer visualize how you will solve their problems and fit in with their mission and goals. 

During the second session, we will conduct a mock practice interview to identify your greatest strengths and any areas of improvement so you can walk into the live interview more confidently. I will provide you brief verbal feedback after the mock interview and also send along written feedback to keep for future interviews. The more you practice interviewing, the more calm and confident you become. 

The Interview Prep Package includes:

  • Free 30-minute consultation

  • 60-minute interview preparation strategy session

  • 60-minute mock interview session (30-45 minute interview + remaining time for verbal feedback), plus written feedback after interview

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